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Workflow management is a way to control and automate routine processes in the organization. It gives an easier way to standardize the operating procedures so that all work can be completed in less time. Communication among team members are streamlined, routine tasks are automated, and daily work becomes easy to manage. Automating processes will lead to an increase in productivity, ensures security, and tracks team performance.


SiteFORGE lets you take control and automate many of your manual, routine processes.  It paints an overall picture of the various workflow activities and tasks along with providing performance metrics on how activities are performing.  Easily implement workflow automation for your department or the entire enterprise. Provide employees with a user-friendly self-service portal to create forms, manage tasks and track progress. Provide administrators powerful tools to build and maintain automated workflows. Analyzing, documenting and improving the way people and systems work together. Any business process can be modelled using SiteFORGE’s powerful, easy-to-use workflow modeler.


All of the following workflow related components are available in SiteFORGE:

  • Define template driven standardized workflows based on best practices.
  • Ability to define template for business processes using drag n drop business process modeler for workflow management using graphical representation
  • Ability to define multiple templates for various processes
  • Best practices templates for site planning, commissioning, acceptance, installation and end to end project rollout
  • User definable templates for all work types
  • Automate the manual process using the workflow management and assignments
  • User has ability to define organization, solution partners, function groups, workforce and roles.
  • Ability to define workflow covering internal resources, service providers and contractors
  • Maps end-to-end business processes per project
  • Planned tasks with corresponding functional group
  • Easily available contact information
  • Clearly defined handover points between functional group
  • Configurable milestone and notification requirements
  • Configurable documentation requirements
  • Ability to define alternate workflows
  • Visibility of sub-task workflows
  • At-A-Glance view of delayed and At-Risk activities
  • Task completion insights
  • Clear workload visibility


Workflow Management is a major feature of SiteFORGE providing numerous benefits such as:

Streamline Process – Removes unnecessary steps and processes in the organization in a much more efficient way with reduced cost.
Task Assignment – Different tasks can be assigned easily to the targeted skills instead of allocating them to anyone. This helps in improving the quality of the work.
Standardizing business activities – Proposes best business procedures and practices that is a key to grow the business. Formalizing everything saves time and cost and results efficiency.
Accuracy – Accelerates internal processes by reducing processing timings. Creates a foundation to evaluate performance and helps to take the right decision.
Automation – Automates business processes and gives more control to achieve accuracy, timely delivery, and transparency in the processes.
Product Management – Ensures consistency and eliminates productivity problems and errors. Gain more visibility and control of the projects.
Productivity – Improves processes, connectivity, and collaboration among team members that initiate the team involvement to help and collaborate with each other. This accelerates project completion with improved productivity.
Control Process – Secure and controlled workflow management to limit the access of the storage platforms, manual intervention, work flow, and production processes.
Quality – Ensures end-to-end efficiency, increase transparency, and accountability to deliver high-quality results.