//Streamlining routine business processes for optimal efficiency with SiteFORGE’s Workflow Management!

Streamlining routine business processes for optimal efficiency with SiteFORGE’s Workflow Management!

Workflow management is the coordination of tasks that make up the work the organization does. By ‘workflow’ we mean a sequence of tasks that are part of some larger task, and is sometimes synonymous with ‘business processes. The purpose of a workflow is to achieve some result, and the purpose of workflow management is to achieve better results according to some set of goals.

According to a survey, 70% of managers say manual processes leave less time for strategic initiatives, and more than one-third of managers say, they mostly use manual processes in the workplace. With SiteFORGE’s Workflow Automation, organizations can streamline their manual and paper-based processes that typically consist of unstructured tasks involving people, processes, and content. It gives an easier way to standardize the operating procedures so that all work can be completed in lesser time. Automated business processes are managed collectively to improve an organization’s overall workflow in terms of achieving greater efficiency, adapting to changing business needs, and reducing human error. Through business process automation, businesses can optimize their core operational components such as processes, equipment, and data.

SiteFORGE’s Workflow Management leads to process automation, which doesn’t only replace manually executed tasks with automated processes, but also facilitates the collection and storage of performance information and allows real-time analysis. Below are some of the advantages of using SiteFORGE’s Workflow Management solution –

1) Reduces Errors

SiteFORGE’s Workflow Automation solution eliminates all manual and human errors that would otherwise cost precious time and resources to address.

2) Improved Communication

Employees no longer need to manually notify each other when a process is complete or moves from one role to another. Notifications and status updates keep all team members involved and informed.

3) Employee Success

SiteFORGE’s Workflow Management solution eliminates repetitive and manual processes, motivates employees and allows them to focus on more important tasks which, in turn, can boost morale and enhance product innovation.

4) Reduces Costs

The cost associated with human error and time-to-market is significantly reduced if not eliminated altogether. Overall, a streamlined process optimizes use of valuable time and resources.

5) Visibility and Status

Management visibility and internal status reporting is made easy when a workflow is automated correctly. Employee approval hierarchy and accountability can now be clearly stated for all to see with SiteFORGe’s solution. This eliminates finger-pointing and promotes complete transparency.

6) Scalability

When mundane and manual tasks are automated, resources open up for an organization’s ability to grow. With SiteFORGE, a company can eliminate bottlenecks and meet new demands.

7) Real-Time Reports

Real-Time insights and reporting is available to the management which improves the decision-making process and helps an organization learn from inefficiencies.

Therefore, SiteFORGE’s Workflow Management solution transforms existing business activities, roles, and tasks from legacy and manual systems into a centralized, automated structure. Actions, such as approvals, requests, assignments, and claims, once handled manually and on paper, can now be executed digitally and through an organized workflow.

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November 15th, 2018|Workflow Management|

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