//SiteFORGE’s Inventory & Logistics Management solution: cornerstone of a successful and flourishing organization!

SiteFORGE’s Inventory & Logistics Management solution: cornerstone of a successful and flourishing organization!

The success of a progressive business always depends on the proper management of its resources and assets. Studies indicate that almost 58% of manufacturing businesses fail these days because of poor record-keeping practices which result in frequent occurrences of stock depletion, careless invoicing and subsequent loss of customers and business. This kind of failure can be avoided by proper inventory management solution. SiteFORGE’s Inventory & Logistics Management helps organizations whether big or small to manage inventory properly that facilitate in maximizing profits and reducing the expenses significantly.

The solution improves stock visibility and connects with sales channels – through fully integrated, scalable warehouse management. It facilitates real-time asset tracking using advanced barcode scanning, and management of material requests from sites/warehouses, issuance/arrival, and expected shortage. To cut a long story short, SiteFORGE’s Inventory & Logistics Management solution helps businesses streamline their supply chain operations while adding many industry-leading features such as real-time data entry, seamless ordering management, inventory control, location and data validation, and automated report generation.

Here are some of the key functionalities of SiteFORGE’s Inventory & Logistics Management that helps organizations to increase efficiency, improve operational excellence and lower costs for warehouses:-

• Provides accurate and up-to-date physical and logical inventories, which are the basis of every operational task

• Offers “one network” view, aligning multiple functions and organizations to the same network design and configuration and alleviating the need for multiple and disparate data sources

• Features up-to-the-minute capacity management recommendations, which allow operators and providers to stay a step ahead of demand while aligning CAPEX with customer orders

• Optimizes time to market and workflow efficiencies to ensure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between functional departments, including design, build, and operations

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October 25th, 2018|Inventory & Logistics Management|

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