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Companies need to keep track of a multitude of on-going site activities with a variety of tools and personnel, which can lead to data quality, compliance, and audit issues, if not managed correctly.  SiteFORGE aims to solve these challenges by providing end-to-end visibility and automation to all site related tasks.  Every business that relies on remote site activities can greatly benefit from new innovations in site deployment, monitoring, and management efforts.


SiteFORGE’s Site Management module provides a unified view of all site information and on-going site activities.  All site related projects, tasks, documents, issues, and details can be viewed from a singular place.  It includes advanced filtering tools for effective and easier searching capabilities and provides a clean and intuitive interface.  Whether you want to stick with a simple list or have a mapped base view, it’s all here in one place.


  • Captures information related to indoor/outdoor sites and allows geo-mapping of sites
  • Includes advanced filtering tools for effective and easier site management
  • Provides a unified view of site information covering the images, inventory, work orders, projects, technology, leasing information, regulatory information.
  • Document area for collective repository
  • Provides information on projects on the sites
  • Import site by interfacing to planning tool or csv import or plan new site within SiteForge
  • Contact information for various teams
  • GIS mapping of sites and ability to taken action from integrated Map display
  • Site has various views
    • Summary
    • Projects
    • RAN
    • Inventory
    • Transport
    • Regulatory
    • Contact
    • Images
    • Documents


Efficiency Improvements – Combines data from multiple facets of site rollouts onto a simple intuitive UI, minimizing swivel chairing needed for managing complex site rollouts. Compare site options in a targeted area and easily collaborate on decisions by generating site information packages.

Workflow management – Follow established processes to manage site selection and facilitate complete information-gathering. Workflows will guide you through standard site selection tasks, such as surveying, inspections and data collection. These workflows and dependencies ensure you never miss a step.

Centralized and secure database – Save time tracking data by using a centralized, secure database within SiteFORGE’s Site Management for site packages, documents and photos that integrates with all cell site information sources and allows for revision tracking.

Customizable forms – Create customizable forms to identify core data needed to capture to make informed site management decisions. Integrate forms into workflow to control and manage the process of capturing data.

Incident tracking and automated scheduling – Improve site performance through centralized incident tracking and an automated scheduling and work flow of preventive maintenance linked to your asset management software.

Regulatory compliance – Ensure regulatory compliance and improve site conditions by maintaining a detailed record of site inspection events using online forms to capture field survey data. This auditable log of previous site inspections allows you to review and retrieve historical information.

Version control and approvals – it allows for revision tracking in order to improve collaboration on up-to-date information.