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Reporting & Analytics Framework

SiteFORGE’S Reporting & Analytics module encompasses the facility of integrated data to present them in a more efficient manner to help the organizations in taking the right business decision. The data are more evidence-based, which means decisions can be taken after deploying the successful strategy. With the reporting and analytics, the business experienced increased productivity, timely delivery, efficient decision, and improved collaboration. Reporting and Analytics records, measures, and analyses the key performance metrics to help in taking business-centric decisions.


SiteFORGE’s Reporting & Analytics brings out the facts and figures to help in decision making. Whatever data infrastructure a business have, reporting and analytics manage the massive volume of data to grasps the crucial ones to give fair visual representations. It helps the business with proactive analysis and gain business insights. Reports are designed based on live or existing data based on the decided frequency of occurrence to generate the reports in the multiple formats.


All of the following components are available in SiteFORGE:


  • Regulated role-based access of reports to perform specific action
  • Compelling and information-rich reports in multiple output formats like PDF, Word, XML, and Excel
  • Flexibility to create reports using the existing data or live data
  • Facility to configure certain fields and properties to create reports
  • Schedule variety of reports to send to a specific recipient
  • Module –specific report creation with their related entities
  • Drag and Drop report builder to quickly chart data to spot the trends


  • Data Visualization in different formats like graphs, pie chart etc.
  • Customize the trends by choosing different styles and parameters
  • Data representation in a simplified way
  • Dynamic analytics ensure ease of use in less time
  • Slice and Dice data to gain insights


Reporting and Analytics is a major feature of SiteFORGE providing numerous benefits such as:

Delivers Business Intelligence – Gains data from various sources and explore them to seek out the insights and create opportunities from them to adjust sales strategies.

Business Insights – Consume insights that are holding the organization back by viewing the live trends.  Utilize the organization data that can help in improving the business.

Make Business Decisions – Get comprehensive data structure to make the business decisions without guesswork. Access best data to lead the structured methodology that helps in gaining insights.

Quick Response – Reports and Analytics give quick responses to major business queries.

Streamline Business Operations – Detailed analysis of the performance streamlines the business operations, creates efficient enterprise reports, build corporate knowledge, and support decision makers.

Efficiency – All crucial information is gathered at one place from different sources develops efficient reports. The data collected in real-time provides full visibility that helps the organization to determine the root cause of the problems.

Competitive Analysis – Incurs predictive analysis to utilize the data for the competition and develops the marketing strategy.