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Real Estate Management

Technical expertise and safe infrastructure are required to successfully compete in the fast paced market. SiteFORGE’s gives a platform to maintain sites efficiency, gain regulatory compliance, and optimize the site to qualify engineering solutions to meet business goals. SiteFORGE’s Real Estate Management focuses on improving the operational efficiencies of the site management lifecycle. While careful planning is essential, SiteFORGE’s gives opportunity to identify and manage the potential sites for building the network infrastructure. It manages crucial components of site planning and acquisition, ensuring proper connectivity across the site components in a safe environment.


Successful deployment of sites is required to establish smooth connectivity that result in increasing revenue. However, identification of potential sites, adherence to the legislative regulations and safety is required to set up a site. Providing the Real Estate Management is a way to streamline the site identification and acquisition operations by considering the government safety regulations. Further, it monitors the site management process, manages lease administration, accelerate projects, and maintain assets information to optimize the finance.

The Real Estate Site Management process automates the site management life cycle to give visibility of the various operations being performed at the various locations. With the deep insight of the site selection process, lease and financial management, the process helps to actively capture the potential site and control the various costs. The solution optimizes the complete management process where the field team and vendors can have communication regarding the site design, deployment and materials installation costs and follow the legislation during the site installation.


All of the following components are available in Real Estate:

  • Seamless management of indoor/outdoor site data by geolocated coverage maps
  • Advanced filtering options for effective and easier site management
  • Site mapping and acquisition
  • Scalable and secure unified view of site information covering the images, work orders, projects, technology, leasing information, regulatory information
  • Backhauling for power and fiber connectivity for cells
  • Provides sites project information
  • Streamlined performance tracking to increase efficiency
  • Site import by planning tool, CSV file import, and new site planning
  • Contact information for site owners and associated parties
  • GIS mapping of sites and allow taking action from integrated Map display
  • Multiple views of site, including Summary, Projects, and Images
  • Financial management (Who to pay and when to pay)
  • Master agreements and lease agreement


Real Estate Management is a major feature of SiteFORGE providing numerous benefits such as:

Enable Compliance – Easily monitor, track, and collect site inspected data and integrate them into the workflow to gain regulatory compliance and lease financials. This assures the site is fully compliant, ensuring complete safety adhering to legislations.

Reduce Cost – Reduce site set up cost by maximizing the field force efficiency with the consolidation of the site data. The continuous monitoring ensures the proper functioning of the site equipment’s that enforce minimal maintenance and repair cost.

Performance – Monitor and manage all critical devices installed in a network, regardless of their locations that ensures proper connectivity and performance. It gives convenience to see a unified view of whole network devices on the map and monitor their capabilities.

Site Data Consolidation – Populate site data through file. Import or manually enter selected sites to use it across the site building process. Quickly generate reports using SiteFORGE site management data that help in making the site compliant against all legislations and prepare it for market.

Competitive Edge – The site data is readily available, which helps in converting the site according to the competition demand. The data are fully automated that can be used to make a business decision actively and increase efficiency and organization management.