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Juggling various types of projects at one time can be time consuming.  Poor project management can stall productivity and lead companies to go over budget. Often, success or failure of a project hinges on the changes that occur after it begins.  Not having a system in place for tracking and approving, these changes can lead to delays, especially when there are dependencies in place. SiteFORGE makes it easy to manage and approve these changes.


Project Management allows companies to manage all of their projects with clear accountability for functional groups, team members and solution partners. The project management module provides the ability to:

  • Make proactive planning and forecasting easier
  • Monitor progress on projects, activities, work order and tasks
  • Manage rollout programs in end-to-end fashion
  • Proactively recieve email and SMS notification for milestones, task completion, billing and reporting

Projects are broken down into activities and tasks for clear definitions and accountability. This mechanism allows flexibility and transparency across project execution.


  • Manage budgeted programs in end-to-end manner with live status
  • Ability to define project using designed templates
  • Ability to track the actual/planned dates for various tasks and milestones
  • Complete task and milestone visibility (decision, dependencies, feedback, etc.)
  • Schedule a specific user daily or weekly diary
  • Tasks to manage all departments and support the data entry for that task related
  • Tasks can have snag or punch list attached to them
  • Set baseline dates for planned completion of tasks, activites, and work orders


Better Efficiency – Makes proactive planning and forecasting easier. It provides a roadmap that helps in project completion.

Ease Problem Solving – With proactive issues management, all problems will be solved easily without consuming much time.

Consistency – Designed templates ensures consistency throughout the project. It helps in handling multiple projects efficiently with a common structure and gives a clear picture of the work done, thus saves time and efforts.

Clear Project Visibility – Gain more visibility and control over the process of task completion.

Effective Scheduling – Planning ahead helps in effectively using the resources available to meet the project objectives in the defined time.