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Now Mobility Framework

Winning the future will require companies across industries to embrace mobility platforms that unlock productivity and competitive advantage and optimize ongoing process changes that span the core operating model. SiteFORGE’s end-to-end enterprise mobility solution addresses the critical enterprise challenges and requirements. The NOW Mobility framework orchestrates business workflow, including various tasks and issues with being seamless on multiple devices. It is a container based framework, which contains multiple apps to improve the efficiency of tasks performed at various locations. NOW Mobility is a powerful, agile, and secure solution that accelerates digital transformation by integrating, mobilizing, and automating business process across all channels. By driving the real-time business information on the device, users are facilitated with the decision making capabilities anytime, anywhere.


NOW Mobility Framework gives insights of real-time information of the enterprises on the multiple devices. This improves the agility of the business by enabling data access and enhances data integrity by accessing critical information. Mobility solution is a key to strengthen end-to-end business operations through real-time and value-added information in a rapidly changing environment. The framework provides business units with the necessary components for the development of market-driven solutions in a standardized fashion. The framework helps organizations prescribe guidelines for app design, development, testing, usability and security. It enhances the efficiency of the business, reduces time to market and increases reliability as well as quality.


All of the following components are available in SiteFORGE NOW Mobility Framework:

  • First-hand digital information is captured through handheld devices. This includes uploading sites and equipment’s images.
  • Capture device barcode to gather device identification information
  • Capabilities to work in both online and offline modes
  • Work order/task execution with guided processes
  • Site building and maintenance with workflow management
  • Asset tagging and serial number management
  • Site Audits
  • Warehouse tracking and management
  • Spare part management
  • Barcode scanning
  • Issue tracking and management for tracking issues during the rollout process
  • Online and automated approval process
  • Ability to interact with experts for field technicians
  • On-demand access to knowledge base


NOW Mobility is a major feature of SiteFORGE providing numerous benefits such as:

Improves Agility – Conveying all complex industrial information across all channels to bring efficiency throughout the entire process, supporting innovation. It enables secure access to real time business information and monitors day-to-day functions anywhere, anytime further improving the agility of the business.

Data Integrity – It assures accuracy and consistency of data by data validation and control, making it certain that the business operates on clean, accurate and useful data and information.

Flexibility– Platform managing various tasks and issues ensuring field operations data is integrated with the system without any loss or errors. It is flexible to adapt the ever changing mobile landscape and versatile to provide the foundation of mobility.

Scalability– Whether the field engineers are working in one or multiple locations, mobility platform enables scalability whenever required, to dynamically fit to the organizational changes.  It records and delivers the results faster across multiple channels.

Increased profitability – Streamlined flow of data from field through mobile devices directly to integrated systems enhancing efficiency and increasing the profitability.