SiteFORGE – Network Lifecycle Management

Enabling automation across the business processes and activities to drive more value into the digitally transformed era.

  • Scalable solution with consistent high performance
  • Structured and unstructured data processing while managing static and dynamic data
  • Workflow platform and automation with analytics focuses on data integration
  • Mobility based automation with machine learning and deep learning

What is SiteFORGE?

SiteFORGE is a platform that drives automation and ushers businesses into the digitally transformed era. It is an innovative approach to streamline processes and ensures data integrity. It provides data quality management with an automated data entry and report generation along with the mobility in the field operations.

SiteFORGE is engineered with productivity benefits, it automates business processes. Available as a web application, mobile, and tablet, it is designed to support offline processing which is suggested to be extended via a tablet client. It facilitates work order creation, project planning, and imports data. There is an executive dashboard to summarize work stability and there is role-based access along with an ability to execute tasks and update their statuses.

Workflow Orchestration

Enforces accountability, streamlines communication, minimizes the cost and removes manual errors. It automates the simple and complex task across the business infrastructure elements to ensure that the business objectives are achieved accordingly.

Real-Time Project intelligence

Enabling visibility of the data, tasks, and information of the projects. Ensures a secure access of the application by giving the role-based access facility. It improves the visibility of the project schedules that helps in managing the project schedules from planning stage to the field operations.

Now Mobility Platform

A rich and intuitive interface mobility platform to enable management of the tasks and issues remotely. It gives access to the real-time information and establishes a better collaboration with the team members with the capability to make the decision anytime, anywhere.

Automated Business Rule Validation

Verifies end-to-end business processes to identify the project defects, errors, and risk before deploying a project or software. The validation process is automated following the standard business process data to interpret the accuracy of each process and result.