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The Knowledge Center is designed to bring out information of assets knowledge to the end users. As there are large numbers of modules available in SiteFORGE, Knowledge Center presents the information of Site, Inventories, Photos, Documents, Antenna Details, Annotations, Barcode, Signature, Geo Tagging, Map View, Latitude & Longitude, Drawing Tools, Data Synchronization & optimization, and User Management. This module consolidates all assets of an application into a holistic view to offer their easier management and helping in performing the processes in a better way. It enables the convenience of accessing the assets online, view, read, and download them as needed.


Knowledge Center will provide one place for all types of documents and related information on a topic. It distributes the information into categories and end-user will access this information according to the permission given. It guides the end-users understand the application, gain strong practice, use it in a better way, and make their decision. Knowledge asset makes sure all information is available at fingertips to enhance the interactions with the application and strengthen the business.


All of the following components are available in SiteFORGE:

  • Ability to add custom categories
  • Topics can be requested by anyone
  • Identifies latest updates to existing topics
  • Vast array of sorting and filtering capabilities
  • Audio, video, and common document formats are supported
  • Available within NOW Mobility Platform


Knowledge Center is a major feature of SiteFORGE providing numerous benefits such as:

Gain Insights – Explore insights of the application using various resources available in few clicks to take the right business decision.

Strategic Planning – Prepare strategic planning and perform different activities to gain competitive advantage. This will uncover product offerings and market requirements to target the opportunities that create longevity in the business.

Anywhere, Anytime Information – End-users gains access to all vital information anytime and anywhere to help them in taking quick decision. Rather waiting for long to gain training, they have the power to choose the resources and learn about them immediately.

Saves Training Time and Cost – Organizations can simply upload all available resources to train their staff. There are no requirements on conducting long lectures or session, hence, end-users can learn anywhere and be more productive by accessing necessary information.

Tracking Capabilities – As application get upgraded with new functionalities, end-users are allowed to gain stress-free updates in less time. Any additional product benefits can be highlighted by uploading in Knowledge Center to use it as a selling point.