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Issue Management

Most issues are unpredectible, so how do you make sure you’ll be able to deal with them quickly and effectively? Problems with staff or suppliers, technical failures, material shortages – can all have an undesirable impact on your projects and tasks. If the issues are not solved on time, unnecessary conflicts and delays happen. Having an issue resolution process in place, before projects begin, aids in avoiding delays and ensures objectives are easily met.


SiteFORGE’s issue management allows companies to easily record, track, communicate, and manage any issues related to projects. It becomes easier to align teams, solution providers and different functional groups to achieve project completions on time, reduce project delay and reduction of rework. Issue management is a strategic management procedure which assists in detecting and resolving identified issues during project related activities and tasks.

Companies engage in issues management if decision-makers are actively looking for, anticipating, and responding to shifting stakeholder expectations and perceptions likely to have important consequences for the organization.


All of the following components are available in SiteFORGE:

  • Ability to manage and assign issues at any step of the process
  • Ability to associate issues to sites, projects, and tasks
  • Capable of attaching related files such as images, drawings, and documents
  • Flag issues as blocking for escalation
  • Notification to team member when issue status is assigned or status changes
  • Ability to share the details on issue with associated teams
  • Ability to analyze and prioritize issues easily
  • Record issue resolution for future reference and project learning
  • Monitoring overall project status
  • Tracking and assigning responsibilities to specific people for each issue
  • A safe and reliable method for the team to raise issues
  • Ability to track the progress of resolution identifying the overall issue status.


Some of the benefits you get from SiteFORGE’s issue management module include:

Central Repository – Keeping all your issues in one place makes it easier to search for the issues and find them. The problematic stance to worry about searching for the latest message in the e-mail chain is eliminated and accidental email deletion does not create problems.

Accountability – Issue management software allows to assign issues to specific people, so it becomes easy to track who is working on which issue, at the moment.

Permissions – Role based assess make it easy to ascertain which user can view what information and the confidential information is kept safe. It also allows the users to implement user permissions, while still allowing the user to view issues for all the clients.

Workflow management – Everyone is kept in loop regarding the issues. The information regarding the current status, who is responsible for which step, does a person need more information, everything can automatically be done and managed through workflow management and through notifications. With the help of it, users are updated about it and everyone is in loop regarding the workflow.

Simplified process – Issue management is effective and a progressive feature. It can easily track, manage and monitor the issues. Lesser time is taken to fix the issues, to track and manage the issues as well.

Automated – Automated reports are generated through issue tracking as performance and status can be traced through it. These automated reports take lesser time and build more accuracy.