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Inventory and Logistics

In today’s highly competitive environment, many companies focus on inventory and logistics related costs which can hold the most opportunity for significant improvements. General problems that arise include delayed and inaccurate information (count discrepancies), slow and inefficient operations, and incomplete services. The consequences are high operating costs, a rate of high inaccuracy, and a lack of flexibility in responding to changing demand requirements. SiteFORGE’s Inventory & Logistics module streamlines common processes, encompasses data integrity, and monitors all movement of materials to ensure products are moved on desired time tables. Accurate inventory records result in lower inventory investment and are the foundation for forecasting, ordering, tracking, vendor evaluation, and dead stock administration programs.


SiteFORGE’s ILM allows tracking of equipment and assignments. It provides end-to-end visibility to the flow of material, equipment and tools. This visibility extends to all assets at warehouses, with the team, and at remote sites. The Inventory module provides real-time asset tracking and monitoring, along with analysis of asset conditions, consumption, and availability.  Asset management provides role-based views into the condition and availability of network related assets. Shorter tracking times, increased operational efficiencies, and one-click visibility improves productivity and faster time-to-market. It lowers costs while maximizing delivery performance, volume flexibility, and responsiveness.


All the following components are available in SiteFORGE:

Material management

  • Real-time data entry with SiteFORGE NOW barcode scanning of asset tags
  • Consolidates and synchronizes all attributes of networks, services, and provisioning related application assets
  • Flags downstream system changes and recommends best ways to get data back in sync.
  • Ability to load legacy data into the system to ensure data integrity
  • Determines when resources get freed up for use
  • Site Inventory covers following areas
    • Air conditioning systems
    • Generators / power supply
    • Towers
    • Network Elements
    • Site configuration
    • Equipment to floor, rack, shelf, slot
    • Planned / play areas
    • Antenna Configuration
    • Beam-width
    • Tilt (mechanical, electrical)
    • LNA
    • Feeders

Warehouse management

  • Provides site-level and warehouse-level inventory status
  • Collates data on all network infrastructure, regardless of technology or vendor
  • Ability to assign tools and equipment to resources or site or warehouse
  • Collection of passive and active inventory
  • Requisition and management of parts being received from equipment vendors


  • Real-Time tracking of part movements between locations in the network
  • View network resources that your planning and engineering systems reserved for the future, so you can trigger work orders at the right time.
  • Provides full visibility and control of all parts on all sites and in all stores
  • Makes proactive planning and forecasting easier
  • Allows seamless evolution to ordering management
  • Create network elements based upon pre-defined type codes, and the ability to hold a planned parts list against each network element.
  • Spare part & Warranty Management
    • Planning, ordering and monitoring of parts
    • Spare part tracking
    • Part warranty tracking


The Inventory & Logistics module is an advanced major feature of the SiteFORGE platform that provides numerous benefits such as:

Cost Management – Reduce time and cost of finding the necessary information for day-to-day operational issues, such as service assurance, field maintenance and spare parts management

Automated Report Generation – Automated reports to users and process modeling to automate tedious back-office processes.

Full Integration – Integrates with fault and issue management to improve root cause detection and service impact analysis to ensure greater accuracy and faster service provisioning

Data Validation – Real-time data entry and reduction in field entry errors

Increased Efficiency –  Automatic data updates and reporting functions, which combined, help you maintain an accurate overview of the network

Accurate Provisioning – Achieve faster and more accurate service provisioning through integration with network and service provisioning processes and tools

Inventory Visibility – Gain a clear overview of the network to support network planning and development.

Centralized Repository of All Assets – Capture asset data by maintaining a centralized database of assets, related documents, and warranty information to optimize replacement decisions and reduce costs

Location Validation – Greater accuracy of asset locations which in turn reduces asset loss during movement

Real-Time Notifications – Notification and alerting messages upon delivery of equipment

Minimal Development Efforts – Eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming programming or development work.

Streamlined BOM Movement

Inventory Control – Minimizes excess stock and controls inventory replenishment efforts.

Advanced Metrics – Real-time visibility into key inventory trends, on-time delivery metric, and shipping costs