//Switch from being paper dependent to going paperless with SiteFORGE’s Document Management

Switch from being paper dependent to going paperless with SiteFORGE’s Document Management

People have been dependent on paper documents ever since paper was invented. However, it is widely acknowledged that using paper-based documents is unreasonably costly and cumbersome, now that we have the option of maintaining electronic versions of documents, why not go paperless? It is estimated that between 85% and 90% of corporate information is not accessible through computer networks because it exists in the form of paper documents. The actuality of these paper-based systems means that productive man-hours are spent filing, searching, retrieving, and re-filing these documents.

According to statistics, an average document in an office gets copied 19 times. 7.5% of all documents get lost, 3% of the remaining get misplaced. Professionals spend 5 to 15% of their time reading information, but up to 50% looking for it. Of all the documents that get handled each day in the office, 90% are merely shuffled. Approximately 90% of corporate memory exists on paper. There are over four trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone with it growing at a rate of 22% every year.


In today’s business environment where organizations are trying to cut costs and increase productivity, paper filing systems are outdated and need to be replaced with an electronic document management platform like SiteFORGE. With SiteFORGE, customers can benefit from an enterprise-grade, comprehensive document management suite that integrates with the existing systems to centrally capture, index, and store all business documentation. It helps businesses digitalize and streamline their existing document processes to increase efficiency and reduce paper usage.


The solution allows organizations to turn their office into a paperless environment and do more work with fewer resources. Below mentioned are some of the vital features the organization will get after implementing SiteFORGE’s Document Management solution:


Business Process Optimization

Do you have real-time visibility and reporting in your business processes?

Over 90% of business processes still revolve around the movement of a paper record. This weak-link results in processing delays and a lack of visibility into overall efficiency. SiteFORGE’s Document Management solution focuses on document workflow and process automation, giving organizations the ability to automatically route documents electronically and report on the productivity and status of any document process.

Better Version Control

How do you ensure everyone is working from the most recent file?

Traditional records management options such as emails, paper files, and shared drives offer little to no version control, so how confident are businesses that their teams are working from the most recent version of a document? SiteFORGE’s Document Management solution includes full version control and tracking, meaning that organizations are always presented with the most current version of a file, and also can “turn back time” and view the previous version for auditing and historical research.

Corporate Security

Is the way you’re sharing documents impacting your security?

Paper records and emails have little to no security associated with them. Sure one can lock the cabinet, but that doesn’t truly stop individuals from sharing and copying content they shouldn’t be or forwarded confidential emails. Privacy concerns and document control are front and center with almost every organization these days. Very few organizations have a comprehensive program in place to secure their files. SiteFORGE’s Document Management solution allows businesses to quickly apply role-based security to electronic content; ensuring only authorized individuals to have access to view, edit, and share and distribute business-critical information.

Improve Collaboration

Are your employees able to work together in real time?

Complex projects require a team-based approach to ensure success. The problem though is that paper documents are not easy to share with groups of people in a collaborative environment. A single physical record requires photocopying to be distributed among teams and electronic files on shared drives result in numerous emails and multiple versions being created. With SiteFORGE’s Document Management solution, all team members can collaborate in real time on any document within the system; making it easier to complete projects accurately and on time.

Mobile Freedom

Do paper records have your team handcuffed to their desks?

A number of organizations are allowing their teams to work from home or employ a mobile workforce. The concern with out of office employees is that they need access to the records on shared drives or kept in cabinets back at the office. SiteFORGE allows the staff in secure and quick access of files from anywhere, at any time, from any device using SiteFORGE’s Now Mobility Framework.

Information Is Power

Can you access the power of your documents?

Information is power, but only if it can be accessed! Being able to navigate the organization’s record collection easily and quickly is critical. SiteFORGE’s Document Management solution brings the power of documents at fingertips anywhere, anytime, giving organizations the capability to act quickly with the confidence of having the right information.

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