//Gain 360 Degree View of Project Resources with SiteFORGE’s Resource Management Solution!

Gain 360 Degree View of Project Resources with SiteFORGE’s Resource Management Solution!

As a manager, do you know exactly what your team is working on? Can you tell if your resources have the capacity to take on new tasks? Managing and planning work effectively requires full visibility of the team’s workloads and capacity, so that the project managers can efficiently plan for the distribution of that work. Complicating the problem of not knowing who is doing what is the lack of insight that leads to the inability to easily pivot and adjust to changing requirements midstream. Currently, most teams lack the ability to easily and quickly check team members’ capacity and assign or reallocate work without going through an extremely tedious, manual process—which can lead to randomly assigned work, overloaded team members, and missed deadlines.

In order to manage and utilize the resources in an easy and effective manner, organizations are constantly looking for a comprehensive solution that helps the project managers to visualize the entire scope of work and manage team resources efficiently. That’s where SiteFORGE comes in. SiteFORGE provides an enterprise resource management solution that focuses on planning, scheduling, and allocation of the resources required for initiating and executing a project and its phases. It monitors the utilization of resources across the portfolio of projects so that key resources can be targeted to the highest priority projects.

Below mentioned are some of the vital features of SiteFORGE’s Resource Management solution that helps project managers to gain complete visibility and control over every resource in the organization:-

• A single calendar view that allows resources to not only manage tasks but allows managers insight into each person’s capacity
• Ability to contour hours on a per-task basis so your users know what to work on and how many hours should be utilized
• Drag-and-drop task assignment to save time switching between pages and tools
• Capabilities to easily swap users and roles assigned to tasks to help quickly address changes in requirements

With SiteFORGE’s Resource Management solution, project managers will be able to plan projects and use resources effectively, and team members will have a reliable insight to efficiently use their time and skills. Best of all, this all adds up to gaining time to focus on getting the right work completed in the right amount of time by the right people, every single day.

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October 18th, 2018|Workforce Management|

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