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Creating, tracking, updating, and the sharing of documents is critical to the timely completion of activities and tasks. Numerous business processes rely on these documents for approval. Without effective ways of managing documents, it becomes difficult to address problems like document retention and compliance. By one recent estimate, 15% of all documents are misplaced, and in some environments up to 30% of the workday is spent searching for information. SiteFORGE’s Document Management framework aims to solve these problems while streamlining collaboration efforts thereby increasing productivity.


SiteFORGE’s Document Management framework enhances collaboration, adds control, automates, and provides ease of access to project and workflow related documents. Upload and manage documents for various processes from anywhere, anytime. It treats documents as key organizational assets that need to be accessible to anyone with the authority to see them and inaccessible to anyone who doesn’t.  80% of a business’s knowledge is stored as unstructured data. SiteFORGE adds structure, security, and access to this knowledge.


All of the following components are available in SiteFORGE:

  • Built-in tools for storing, capturing, uploading, tracking and retrieving documents
  • Search function allows to search the documents through metadata, or by keywords and phrases to determine relevance.
  • Automated document (report) generation based on process within workflow
  • Multiple entry points to get to particular files. Users can get to the same file from various entry points.  Whether you reviewing a project, site, or issue, any related documents will be made available.
  • Mobile based access for uploading and accessing documents with on-site annotation capabilities
  • Tools for saving, cataloguing, and retrieving files
  • Inclusion of tags for easier search and categorization
  • Version control for tracking the evolution of a document. Provides the ability to revert to earlier versions and ensures the correct version is being viewed and/or edited
  • Audit log that displays who did what and when.


Document Management is a major feature of SiteFORGE providing numerous benefits such as:

Automation – Accelerates project life cycles through online and automated approval process of automated report generation.

Central Repository – It serves as a central repository for the storage of all the important documents which can be accessed, viewed, changed and shared. It saves time and makes the tedious task, simplified and automated.

Confidentiality – It safeguards the confidential information through rigorous security policies along with role-based access control wherein the authorized users are permitted to view certain files and documents only. This makes sure that the business critical-data is kept intact and is not wiped out.

Access from Everywhere – It affords users to access the files and documents from anywhere and at any given point in time, irrespective of which device is being used and it makes accessing the files easier.

Sharing & Collaboration – It helps users to share and collaborate on the files and documents regardless of location barriers. Users can control who they share their documents with and sharing of files can be done through links.

Search & Retrieval – It allows to search the documents through metadata, keywords, tags and phrases to determine relevance thereby decreasing seek times while increasing search flexibility.

Versioning – Storage and management of different versions of documents becomes easier and it allows authorized users to return to earlier versions as well.