//Distribute different levels of access to different circles of employees with SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management Solution!

Distribute different levels of access to different circles of employees with SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management Solution!

Simpler distribution of tasks & transparent progress of insights thereby gaining real-time visibility into work order status

Work order management can be a challenging task for organizations without a proper solution. Manual or labor-intensive management of work orders often leads to an increase in operational costs due to lack of automation while distributing assignments. To effectively manage their work orders and workflows, organizations need to implement an automated work order management solution that allows users to effectively manage work order flow and distribution. SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management solution allows managers to effectively track, manage and schedule all work order information through a single dashboard. This includes creating work orders, updating requests, and tracking activity across enterprises.

With SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management, businesses can easily track work orders and their resources in real-time, auto-schedule multiple work orders and integrate across back-office systems all in one, unified platform. Additionally, the solution provides a mobility feature that helps field engineers to view and perform the assigned work orders at any time, and from anywhere. This access highly increases work order efficiency. SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management solution helps businesses meet a variety of organizational goals related to improved customer service and increased operational efficiency, including:

Faster Turnaround Times

SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management helps in decreasing turnaround times, improving customer satisfaction, with quicker work completion via two main methods. First, it promotes visibility into processes that help to spot and address opportunities to complete work more quickly—often in real-time. Secondly, the solution reduces the administrative overhead related to processing work orders. The result is that the organizations can more quickly and accurately convey often complicated instructions with fewer communication-related delays.

Decreased Downtime

Poor management of work orders can lead to overlapping demands on equipment and employees. SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management solution gives organizations the ability to clearly and easily manage resource scheduling allows for the optimization of resources and decreased downtime.

More Accurate Timeline Updates for Customers

Knowing where a job is in the work cycle isn’t just important internally. It’s key for maintaining customer satisfaction. Being able to precisely predict work timelines based on both real-time resource availability and historical information with SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management means fewer instances of customers disappointed by timeline overruns. Transparency into work completion status helps organizations to identify timelines more quickly and proactively address the issues.

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November 1st, 2018|Work Order Management|

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