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Successful companies are informed companies. They base their business decisions on facts, not assumptions. More and more companies are relying on dashboards to make meaningful and productive use of their data. By consolidating and arranging metrics, numbers, and performance scorecards on a single screen, companies can quickly grasp the information being relayed. Building dashboards will turn mountains of data into actionable insights.


SiteFORGE’s Dashboard framework enables faster and smarter decision making. Key data is provided in an easy-to-understand way and the conversation becomes elevated beyond the parsing of details.  With SiteFORGE’s Dashboard framework, non-technical users can create rich, interactive, real-time visualizations in seconds. Choosing datasets, date ranges, geographic locations, groupings, and chart types are only a click away. Drag-and-drop capabilities of pre-defined widgets allow an elevated ease-of-use.  Whether you have a predefined set of dashboards with their corresponding KPI’s or you would like to create an ad-hoc dashboard to share with the team, it’s all here. Cut through the data clutter and get down to the essentials.


All the following components are available in SiteFORGE:

  • Predefined widget library based on common KPI’s
  • Simple intuitive interface that includes drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Powerful widget controls for on-the-fly data views, pivoting and exporting
  • Ad-hoc dashboard creation capabilities
  • Widget expansion for side-by-side data and chart view
  • Advanced export capabilities for integration with presentations and documents
  • Built-in monitoring for BI on budgeting and forecasting strategies
  • Ability to schedule notifications for reviews of KPI’s
  • Ability to create and customize widgets
  • Modular architecture with the ability to integrate with the available tools to get data
  • Drill down functionality
  • Offers downloadable formats such as pdf and excel
  • Ability to share through email, documents, and links with others


The Dashboard Framework is a major feature of SiteFORGE providing numerous benefits such as:

Smarter Decisions – Displays your companies most important KPI’s in an easy intuitive interface.  Supports decision making with facts for improved efficiencies.

Intuitive Interface – No training necessary.  Designed to be intuitive for all types of users with simple controls and friendly interface.

Reduced Time & Effort – All the data is centralized into a single interface.  It reduces the time and effort of compiling reports, logging into multiple systems, and sharing the various datasets. No more emailing large files.  Simply share or automate email reminders with embedded links.

Agility – Dashboards and widgets can be easily customized to present the most valuable and useful set of information.

Aligns strategies – Ensures a widespread goal driven and performance culture. Provides an objective view of current performance which serves as common ground for further dialogue.

Real-time Performance Identification– There is real time identification of data and performance improving visibility. It comprises of features allowing users to combine various data sources to enable broader and deeper understanding as well.