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Configuration Management

Several operational problems are faced by the managers due to the lack of configuration management capabilities. SiteFORGE’s provides a unified configuration management platform that enables organizing and maintaining the various configuration details of the devices to optimize the device functions, including the network support and operations. Configuration Management deals with identifying and managing the fault, configuration, security, performance, and accountability. It centralized provisioning, control and monitoring the devices configuration and network to optimize the performance and cost and offers the best configuration solutions suitable for all businesses. Managing the configuration is a way to streamline the entire operations in a process to establish communication.


SiteForge configuration management is a centralized location to proactively manage the network elements configurations and control the change requests made to improve their performance. It provides secure and reliable access to the configuration details at once of multiple devices from multiple vendors. This fully automated configuration system easily deploy the devices, saving time. All configuration changes are tracked and stored to make business decision.

With the configuration management, the network manager can quickly identify the potential threats and adapt the maintenance and repair processes when required.  Additionally, the change request made can be controlled and tracked. The process minimizes the various compliance issues caused by incorrect or inaccurate configuration of assets which helps in readying the site to get fully compliant.


All of the following components are available in SiteFORGE Configuration:

  • Ensures that selected devices of the network are identified, base-lined and maintained, and that changes to them are controlled
  • Itemizes configuration details
  • Identify control, record, report, audit and verify service assets and configuration items
  • Examine for compliance with golden configuration
  • Conducts Gap Analysis to check performance
  • Minimize the number of quality and compliance issues caused by incorrect or inaccurate configuration of services and asset
  • Checks for parameter compliance across network element, region, and network
  • Ensure accurate assessments of configuration as defined in the database
  • Address compliance requirements to manage configurations


Configuration management is a major feature of SiteFORGE providing numerous benefits such as:

Improved Performance – Due to the availability of the change request process, the configuration of the devices are controlled and monitored, which further helps in approving and configuring the network elements configuration to gain improved performance.

Improved Productivity – Network configuration results in increasing the productivity by managing the connectivity among the devices. The configuration of the devices are visible which are spanned across many areas are easily monitored and controlled to boost productivity and efficiency.

Security Alerts – Provides access of the devices to the authorized user. Improve infrastructure and devices health by ensuring the devices are aligned according to the organization policies.

Automation – All configuration changes are automated that makes an error-free network. All time-consuming tasks are automated, such as compliance monitoring or the configuration of the devices. Automation allows the engineers to monitor the configurations are aligned properly.

Compliance –Checks the audit configurations by accessing the detailed information of the devices and equipment. Ease to monitor the devices across the large area, making easier to apply and modify the policy to support the goal of making the site complaint.