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Brief Description


Close Out Package is the last major phase of a project’s lifecycle. This phase is performed once all defined objectives have been met and the customer has accepted the site. It is a systematic process of assuring through verification and documentation that the site is completely ready. The main aim of the closeout package is to present an overview of the completed site work which is sent for approval to the Project Manager.

To create Close Out Package, there are 5 templates – Photos, Inventory, Checklist, Test Results and Document. These templates are just like 5 phases to successfully create close out package.


  • Whether all project objectives are followed and all goals are achieved
  • Where the planned costs and actual budgets met
  • Risks can be identified and mitigated
  • Understanding appropriate tools and techniques used in a project
  • All project challenges are managed effectively
  • All agreed procedures are followed in the completion of the project



Field Engineer has identified the most suitable site for cell installation and planning is essential as it is an initial step which further facilitates the acquisition and installation of the site. Further, deploying the most beneficial techniques to install the site.


The Network Planning Manager has created a site proposal and drawn a framework; thereafter Network Planning Manager seeks approval from government authorities to acquire the site. It basically assists to meet the customer network coverage and program schedule objectives.

Material Forecasting

A Field Engineer conducts an investigation for site installation. All supporting documents are uploaded. Based on that, a radio frequency survey is conducted on the site to check network adaptability. The Project Manager forecast the materials needed to install a network infrastructure uploads Bill of Material. After identification of all assets, all related projects and tasks are assigned to the dedicated workgroup.

OSP Construction

The materials consumption details are managed in the Inventory System by the OSP Vendor. The Field Engineer checks for backhaul connectivity if required.

ISP Installation

The Field Engineer performs the installation of necessary equipment.

Regulatory Compliance

With respect to government authorities, it is made sure that there is radiation compliance and other related parameters are checked from the regulatory perspective

Use Case Diagram

Basic Flow

Close Out Package

Getting a site compliant and completing a project after meeting regulatory aspects are some of the challenges faced during site installation. The Close Out Package has been created to simplify the process of project handover to the client. It also involves transferring the project to the responsible party(s) for operation and maintenance.

The primary stage of Close Out Package comprises of creating a Checklist from a customizable template to check the status of the work done by the Field Engineer and assign any pending task.

Sometimes, specific documents are required for a task in the project. These necessary documents are collected and uploaded to the respective tasks. Project Manager can perform multiple actions on the documents like download and delete.

Next, Project Manager uploads the documents for inventory of all materials which are required in each task during site installation. Inventory documents can be added, modified, and deleted.

This step involves uploading the Test Result documents of the various tests performed on a site. All test results are updated in a project and the documents can be deleted or downloaded by the Project Manager.

This is the final stage for the Project Closure. Any task that was incomplete can be assigned to the designated Field Engineer. A Gantt View is made available to track the status of the task assigned to the Field Engineer for final acceptance of the Close Out Package. This Gantt Chart can be used to plan, track status, stay on schedule, and communicate with the team.


Close Out Package is an important activity for every project to formally initiate the closure. The project close out practice ascertains all completed activities across all project phases to finally close the project and transfer it as appropriate. The Close Out Package serves an important purpose of providing an overall assessment of the project. The activity ensures completion helps to derive crucial lessons from the project and identifies best practices which can be applied to future projects.

Close Out Package With Siteforge:

With SiteFORGE, Close Out Package can be rolled out effectively so that the Project Managers can easily verify that the procedures that were agreed upon at project initiation have been followed appropriately till the project completion. All the stakeholders involved in the project delivery are able to get a quick overview of the entire spectrum of tools and techniques used in the project. CoP assesses whether the project has met all sponsor, customer and stakeholder requirements.

Additionally, there is verification that all deliverables have been fully delivered and accepted. Client’s acceptance of the final project deliverables is an important step because it signifies that the client agrees that the project scope and its deliverables are complete and were delivered as agreed upon by all parties.

The Close Out Package simplifies the handover of the completed project to the client. It involves transferring the project to a responsible party for operation and maintenance. Thus, it can be concluded that the Close Out Package is a Site Acceptance package for the site to be operational and it comprises an overview of the completed activities carried out by the supplier across all the phases of the site.