//Reduce unforeseen downtime & failure of Site Equipment with SiteFORGE’s Maintenance Management Solution!

Reduce unforeseen downtime & failure of Site Equipment with SiteFORGE’s Maintenance Management Solution!

Rather than fixing a problem after it happens, it is always better to be vigilant for potential problems and prevent the problem by proactively maintaining your system with SiteFORGE’s Maintenance Management solution.

Businesses nowadays have a large number of equipment, machinery and productive assets that are vital for the day-to-day activities of the organization. Even a slight glitch in one of the machines or equipment can stop or reduce the production capacity or hinder in the smooth working of the company. To keep everything in order, proper maintenance of the assets is quite essential. For this purpose, SiteFORGE provides a fully-integrated Maintenance Management solution that assists organizations to effectively plan and schedule equipment maintenance to ensure asset reliability and eliminate any equipment failures and/or downtime that may occur.

The solution provides a proactive and systematic approach to prevent breakdowns or unusual stoppages of the machines and equipment or systems that ensure compliance and supports safe services and environment. This can help organizations to increase and maximize efficiency at work, increase productivity and ultimately helps in reducing operating costs and related overheads. To sum up, SiteFORGE’s Maintenance Management solution helps business to predict and prevent unplanned downtime by monitoring and analyzing asset health data, historical and real-time, intervening at the right time, before assets go down, and prioritizing and optimizing resources.

Maintenance Management

Preventive Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

SiteFORGE solution considerably reduces the time needed for maintenance planning and scheduling. Flexible scheduling tools and time-saving automation options allow organizations to eliminate the need for manual data entry with multi-equipment work orders.

Managing the Preventive Maintenance Calendar

With SiteFORGE, organizations can balance the workload within the maintenance department by providing a birds-eye-view of all overdue and planned maintenance. A personalized calendar will be shared with other department managers to improve the correlation between production and maintenance team and ensure maintenance is scheduled when equipment is available.

Tracking Preventive Maintenance Program

SiteFORGE’s Maintenance Management solution provides businesses with all the tools necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of the preventive maintenance program. It leverages important data to fine-tune the preventive maintenance schedules by monitoring key performance indicators (KPI) with a variety of built-in or custom reports.

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