//SiteFORGE’s Knowledge Management: Harnessing and centralizing knowledge is a necessary game changer!

SiteFORGE’s Knowledge Management: Harnessing and centralizing knowledge is a necessary game changer!

Knowledge recounts and shares all the capital and the assets that are maintained by the members of the organization such as the competencies, expertise and the know-hows. Knowledge Management is no longer acknowledged as a luxury rather it has become a game changer in today’s times. It facilitates the companies turn this human capital into a valuable intellectual capital. About 79% of organizations still wonder where these documents are kept, 52% employees’ waste their most productive hours searching them out and due to this 34% of companies lose their valuable customers due to such dysfunctional organizational methodologies. The most imperative thing in business, notwithstanding the item, is the data or information picked up during the time spent its unfurling. Information is now and then significantly more important than any other asset. Knowledge Management is not limited to storing all organizational assets but it augments the kills of the people as well by sharing knowledge with one another. It streamlines collaboration and connects the people with each of their expertise.

Why SiteFORGE is offering Knowledge Center – a solution centralizing all organizational assets at one place?

We at SiteFORGE acknowledge the necessity of knowledge management in an organization and propose a phased approach that offers a solution encompassing a sustainable knowledge sharing culture. SiteFORGE’s Knowledge Center leverages organizations to build a repository where the abundance of data can be stored and accessed. It is a way to enhance efficiency and productivity to support the accomplishment of business goals. It can be acknowledged as a discipline which encourages an integrated approach to capture, store, retrieve, and version and share all organizational assets. Impact of using SiteFORGE’s Knowledge Center solution:

Kindles Collaboration – by knowledge-sharing platforms and the aspiration to share updated information with fellow team members.

Prevents Knowledge Outflow – since there is role-based access to the documentation and remains accessible to the organization.

Nurtures Innovation – duplication of effort is reduced that therefore leads to innovation and reduction in search times also paves way for multiple solutions to a given problem or task.

Improvised Decision-making – knowledge is shared and is accessible to all which means facts and updated information is available improvising decision-making.

SiteFORGE’s Knowledge Center collates data at one place and offers role-based access to the shared information. Therefore, SiteFORGE is acknowledged as a trusted implementer for knowledge management solutions. It facilitates improving knowledge sharing and reducing silo-working behavior.

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December 13th, 2018|Knowledge Center|

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