//Streamline the complex business processes with SiteFORGE’s Project Management: a comprehensive and centralized solution!

Streamline the complex business processes with SiteFORGE’s Project Management: a comprehensive and centralized solution!

Businesses want to function in an organized and efficient manner as this would enable them to deliver quality services and products to their clients. This, in turn, will boost their reputation and profitability. But the fact of the matter is that many organizations do not have any proper project management processes in place, let alone a tool to support the methodology. SiteFORGE facilitates this by offering a comprehensive and centralized Project Management solution that helps organizations to manage project schedules, resources, budget, scope, changes, risks, issues, billing, documents, and meetings in a single place.

Challenges faced due to Ineffective Project Management

Without a proper project management solution, businesses face a lot of challenges, which mainly includes:

> Inefficient Tracking – Inability to track and monitor the status, progress and key metrics of large projects.

> Insufficient Integration – Projects unable to be linked to other procurement tasks.

> Operational Inefficiency – Incongruity of data stored at multiple locations.    

> Lack of Compliance – Difficulty in maintaining and ensuring adherence of projects as per category rules.

> Unstructured Reporting – Poor reporting mechanism through excel or word based manual processes.

Simplify the Management of Overall Business Projects with SiteFORGE

With SiteFORGE, organizations can standardize, integrate, and automate all their strategic procurement projects in an easy and effective manner.

SiteFORGE’s Project Management solution is a vital tool for managers and businessperson in planning, organizing, managing and controlling their resources, optimizing their time and achieving their objective within the estimated cost. This enterprising tool significantly improves communication and collaboration among team members who happen to be based in different locations around the world. They can instantly and accurately communicate and collaborate over various matters and resolve them in a fast manner. Thus, a business can better communicate and collaborate with its clients, sponsors and other stakeholders and share important information with them. It can better convey to them which activities are being performed in its projects and plans.

Its dashboard feature helps project managers to know which tasks and activities are being performed in a project at a given point of time. They can clearly know which of the tasks have been timely performed those yet to be done and which missed their due dates. Thus, they can better focus on delayed tasks and ensure their prioritized execution by taking adequate measures. So the projects do not get affected or delayed.

Progress over projects and plans can be better tracked with its Gantt chart feature. It provides a visual timeline of the projects so that the project managers can easily schedule their tasks, and plan & iterate projects quickly and more efficiently. It helps to set dependencies between different tasks to reflect how a change in their scheduling is going to impact the overall project progress and make teams more accountable.

Here are some of the advantages businesses gains by streamlining their project management and business processes with SiteFORGE’s Project Management solution:

Optimized Planning

The process of project planning is quite straightforward, but in a culture where companies manage hundreds of projects at a time, it becomes really tough for businesses to plan and execute projects in an effective and timely manner. However, SiteFORGE offers features that can automate the complete project planning phase. With SiteFORGE’s Project Management solution, business organizations can create effective plans and optimize them to meet the deadlines. The solution gives them a complete overview of where they are, where they want to go, and how they will get there.

Seamless Workflow

Getting everyone on the same page is something hard to achieve for project managers, but with SiteFORGE, teams and projects are easier to manage. The solution allows managers and team leaders to keep an eye on all the tasks that their team is currently working on. Moreover, there are tasks that can’t be done single-handedly. This is where SiteFORGE offers the flexibility to assign the same task to multiple people. It ensures that everyone in the project team is aiming towards the same objective while working on their tasks at the same time.

Shared Files, Documents, and Calendar

Files and documents are an immensely important part of any project. Managing multiple documents of multiple projects sometimes creates a tough situation for organizations. To ease this challenging phase, SiteFORGE provides a comprehensive document management solution to store and manage important assets of each and every project. It creates a central repository where team members can access all the important project documents and files easily. This way, everyone can complete their tasks without wasting their precious time searching for hundreds of emails for the desired information.

In addition to all this, SiteFORGE also facilitates the team with a shared resource calendar. This feature assists project managers to track resource availability for a particular location or project, and they can accordingly plan organizational activities and project tasks for a resource or workgroup.

Real-Time Project Tracking

When an organization is aiming to deliver a project, it is important that they keep a track of the time spent on every task. SiteFORGE’s Project Management solution provides a unified view of the tasks, activities, milestones and work orders associated with the projects in a visually rich and informative format, which assists project managers to monitor multiple projects and programs at the same time. Thus, it can be concluded that the real-time tracking of projects with SiteFORGE provides effective resource utilization, higher product quality, increased project and program control and faster time-to-market than average.


SiteFORGE’s Project Management solution enables organized and scheduled execution of tasks and processes of business projects and plans. So projects can be accomplished in a timely and successful manner within the assigned budget, time and resources. This helps businesses to achieve their specific objectives, streamline their functioning and deliver timely, quality services and products to their clients and customers. Thus they can grow and profit more, and hence their reputation also receives a boost.

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