//Extract more value out of data and gain valuable insights with SiteFORGE’s Dashboard Framework!

Extract more value out of data and gain valuable insights with SiteFORGE’s Dashboard Framework!

The humongous amount of data generated by businesses nowadays is remarkable. And, making sense of all the data a business generates is no easy task and the volume is so large. It presents a challenge in itself. The right dashboard can transform both your success and satisfaction in running your business. Business Dashboards connect the users with critical information and at-a-glance data. The information is graphically represented in one place, displaying it visually so that the users do not have a hard time extracting the information they necessitate for. With SiteFORGE, organizations can gain multiple benefits since Dashboard Framework solution of SiteFORGE is enterprise-grade. It provides on-demand visibility and insights. It eliminates the need for the users to check their monthly progress after a month or so. They can check it anytime with SiteFORGE’s Dashboard Framework since it offers end-to-end visibility and saves a huge amount of time.

SiteFORGE’s solution offers a mobile-friendly business intelligence dashboard framework. It allows the businesses to visualize as well as analyze the data and emphasize the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) facilitating businesses to gain valuable insights and drive accurate decision-making. Also, users can get a consolidated view of the data from across the organization, dashboards are customizable and can be tailored as per the needs of the user. SiteFORGE’s Dashboard framework aggregates all the data in the real-time and gives an at-a-glance overview so that the organization can rapidly view the progress over the period of time. It assists in improving business decision-making, drives operational efficiencies and increases ROI. As a result, faster and smarter decision-making is enabled which adds value to the business. Below listed are few undeniable business benefits that an organization can reap by using SiteFORGE’s Dashboard Framework:

1. Faster Access to Business Intelligence

The data is quickly accessible and actionable. The interactive dashboard facilitates in monitoring the metrics in real-time. With role-based access, users can modify and customize the dashboards and create the ones as per their specific needs.

2. Accurate Decision-making

Data can be analyzed quicker and thoroughly, enhancing the performance of every functional department while utilizing the dashboard framework. SiteFORGE’s Dashboard Framework offers rich interactive visualizations that facilitate in making the entire analysis process intuitive and helps in accurate decision-making. Visualization helps to delve into the metrics and identify the true impact of the data.

3. Gain Competitive Advantage

Users have the power to easily connect and access their data with the capabilities across all data sources such as Big Data, operational databases, and data files thereby facilitating users to visualize and analyze a consolidated view of their information and actionable data necessitated to augment their competitive advantage.

4.Business Growth Flexibility

Changes and iterations take place as the business grows and when changes take place, with SiteFORGE’s Dashboard Framework, it supports all the changing business needs encompassing data preparation, data connectivity, presentation, and administration. It offers customization, ease of integration and extensibility leveraging businesses with flexible business growth.

5. Enterprise Mobility

Users nowadays expect all functionalities on their mobile devices and want to have all-inclusive interactivity with their dashboards and reports while on-the-go. SiteFORGE offers organizations with a single mobile application for interacting, analyzing as well as visualizing data, from any data source virtually and on any device.

Enhancing collaboration and communication, SiteFORGE’s Dashboard Framework is the solution for all your business needs so you can have everyone in your organization make real-time data-driven decisions that spin positive and productive results. Thus, SiteFORGE’s Dashboard Framework is an excellent solution offers valuable insights with a strategic decision-making approach.

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