//Don’t be caught unprepared: Comply with governmental regulations with SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance Solution!

Don’t be caught unprepared: Comply with governmental regulations with SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance Solution!

As industry mandates and compliance directives continue to multiply, the challenge of maintaining effective compliance at all levels becomes increasingly difficult. Organizations must adopt a programmatic approach that tightly integrates their compliance mandates without disruption to ongoing business processes. Businesses should ensure that staff is familiar with the legal framework in which the business operates, respecting the need for regulatory compliance. SiteFORGE offers a comprehensive, and data-governed regulatory compliance solution that delivers a comprehensive view of all activities across the enterprise to provide greater control, compliance and fraud prevention through near, real-time monitoring.

The solution provides an effective way to handle regulatory issues while allowing organizations to automate document capture, workflow, audits, and reports to meet the most stringent compliance requirements. In short, SiteFORGE delivers best practices in an agile compliance environment that accommodates regulatory mandates with auditable controls across all functions while minimizing costs.

Key Features of SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance

  • Maintain long-term content integrity, authenticity, and immutability to satisfy country-specific regulations across the globe
  • Securely automate discovery, extraction, classification, enrichment, and categorization across any data landscape for reliable and streamlined compliance
  • Blend policy-based automation, data protection, integrated search, visualization and reporting in a singular, proven compliance platform

Why SiteFORGE?

Here are some of the advantages organizations gains by implementing SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance solution:

Reduce Data Risk

Safeguard data with built-in, robust compliant capabilities

SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance solution reduces the risk of fraud, identity theft, and data loss, with automated data capturing and workflow processes that provide rigorous compliance management of all relevant steps in organization’s business processes.

Build Customer Trust

Protecting customer’s confidential data to strengthen customer trust

SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance solution acts as a catalyst for organizations to build customer trust while achieving compliance. Business owners can use compliance initiatives as a means to enhance customer engagement by treating customer information with confidentiality to protect their best interests.

Cost-optimized Storage

Centralize data on scalable, cost-effective, compliant storage

SiteFORGE provides well-organized storage and management of compliance data that helps businesses to centralize data onto secure, highly scalable, cost-effective compliant storage and reduce costs by as much as 60%.

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November 22nd, 2018|Compliance|

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