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Nov 21, 2017

Accelerating digital transformation by mobilizing and automating business process across all channels

November 21st, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

Mobility solution is a key to strengthen end-to-end business operations through real-time and value-added information in a rapidly changing environment. The framework provides business units with the necessary components for the development of market-driven solutions in a standardized fashion. SiteFORGE's NOW Mobility is a powerful, agile, and secure solution that accelerates digital transformation by integrating, [...]

Sep 25, 2017

4 ways how SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework can transforms businesses

September 25th, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

Mobility combined with cloud computing is changing businesses – to make it more accessible, more relevant, and intuitive. But to reap the benefits, companies must rethink their business process strategies and move away from the old paradigms. SiteFORGE’s end-to-end enterprise mobility solution addresses the critical enterprise challenges and requirements. Mobility continues to have a profound [...]

Aug 31, 2017

Improving field activities thereby increasing productivity with SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework

August 31st, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility is a powerful, agile, and secure solution to advance data capture for integration with the back-end systems thereby fastening the business processes across all channels. The app helps the enterprises in gaining competitive advantage, managing information wisely, improving field activities, and increasing productivity. As per a survey “Enterprise apps boost employee productivity [...]

Aug 1, 2017

Delivering utmost flexibility and scalability to business operations with SiteFORGE’s Now Mobility Framework

August 1st, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

SiteFORGE's Now Mobility Framework has become pervasive to all the businesses as it offers a secure and convenient way to store their software and files, and access it through app anytime, anywhere. It drives mobility and delivers utmost flexibility and scalability to business operations. Many enterprises have leveraged the benefits of the cloud to improve [...]

Jun 7, 2017

SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework for Enhanced Profitability

June 7th, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

In today's highly competitive world where profit maximization is the only target, business enterprises of all sizes and types are looking for highly effective resources that can be optimized and used to boost overall productivity and have a competitive edge in the global market. That is why enterprise mobility solutions are being seen as a [...]

Jun 6, 2017

Why should organizations choose SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework?

June 6th, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

Mobility is perceived as the most disruptive technology for the enterprises in current times. With the advent of smart portable devices, the enterprise workforce has now begun to perform key operational tasks remotely by using web-based applications and services. SiteFORGE’s enterprise mobility solution acknowledged as the NOW Mobility Framework offers unmatched advantages such as data [...]

Jun 5, 2017

Resolve Site Management Dilemmas with SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Solution

June 5th, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

Monitoring the sites from a centralized location becomes increasingly difficult with the expansion of the sites. Poor maintenance and non-visibility of the site activities add complexity. Are you tired of paperwork jotting down the survey’s information and then entering the details on the laptop or PC? SiteFORGE NOW Mobility ensures end-to-end monitoring solution to give [...]

Jun 2, 2017

Importance of SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility framework in this digitalized era

June 2nd, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

Mobility in business refers to a shift in work habits, with more employees working out of office and using a mobile device to perform the business tasks on the go. Businesses have become mobile dependent than they have been ever before, therefore for organizations it makes all sense to embrace enterprise mobility in order to [...]

Jun 1, 2017

Accelerate digital transformation using key features of SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework

June 1st, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

According to the research conducted by Forrester, 82% of top-level executives believe that mobile is the face of digital transformation. SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework is the driving force that exploits the full power of enterprise mobility to usher businesses successfully into the digitally transformed era. With its unique set of features, it provides real-time enterprise [...]

May 31, 2017

Efficiency of SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework

May 31st, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

Every company wants to be more efficient, but not every business understands how to achieve those results. To improve business efficiency, organizations should take advantage of enterprise mobility. Enterprise mobility is transforming the way businesses and industries harness the power and insights of both their onsite and remote workforce, utilizing mobile technologies to increase the [...]