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Nov 16, 2017

3 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs SiteFORGE’s Document Management Framework

November 16th, 2017|Document Management|

As per the statistics, without document management system: 59% Managers say they miss important existing information almost every day because they cannot find it. 8% of all documents get lost while 3% of the rest are misfiled. The average worker spends 45 to 90 minutes daily looking for lost documents. If you’re still relying on [...]

Oct 11, 2017

5 ways SiteFORGE’s Document Management system can help businesses to grow

October 11th, 2017|Document Management|

What is a document management system and why an organization needs it? Managing information wisely is the first step of achieving success at an organizational level. SiteFORGE’s Document Management helps in managing documents in such a way that they can be easily shared, organized, and stored efficiently and effectively. Here are 5 ways by which [...]

Aug 21, 2017

SiteFORGE’s Document Management: Streamlining collaboration efforts thereby increasing productivity

August 21st, 2017|Document Management|

Creating, tracking, updating, and sharing of documents have been simplified through SiteFORGE’s document management. The framework improves collaboration, adds control, automates, and provides an ease of access to project and workflow related documents. Manage files in one place The average project entails hundreds of different files, often on dozens of different computers. With SiteFORGE’s Document [...]

Jul 27, 2017

5 ways SiteFORGE’s Document Management helps to improve business efficiency

July 27th, 2017|Document Management|

For every organization, processes are dependent upon key business information and its timely circulation among the responsible employees. Sometimes the workplaces are flooded with information in the form of documents and important files, and keeping track of them becomes a massive task. SiteFORGE’s Document management effectively stores, manages, furnishes, and tracks documents in the electronic [...]

May 12, 2017

Resolving organizational problems through paperless Document Management System

May 12th, 2017|Document Management|

To eliminate the losses that a business suffer from the paper files and filing system, e-Filing is an effective tool of going paperless by creating a repository that stores the data and monitors the information that is essential for the organization’s growth and development. It is a new digitalized method of creating a standardized format [...]

May 11, 2017

Improve organizational collaboration using the rich feature set of Document management

May 11th, 2017|Document Management|

For effective collaboration and communication within an organization, it is important that there is a reliable document management system in place. A number of business processes rely upon the availability, retention and approval of important documents. With SiteFORGE’s Document management, only after proper validation, the key stakeholders can access project and workflow related documents from [...]

May 10, 2017

Why Choose SiteFORGE for Document Management?

May 10th, 2017|Document Management|

In today's dynamic business world, companies today are expected to offer world-class services to its clients, increase profitability and cut down costs. Balancing these expectations is a huge task for businesses. In such a scenario, SiteFORGE’s Document Management module can be of great help as it offers abundant features that can be used for streamlining [...]

May 9, 2017

Here’s why SiteFORGE’s document management is important for businesses?

May 9th, 2017|Document Management|

Managing information effectively is a challenge for businesses to carry out successful operations productively. Mismanagement of documents result in organizational problems like employees are unable to access information when they need it, they lose track of important documents resulting in wastage of time trying to locate the work that has already been done by them. [...]

May 8, 2017

The Undeniable advantages of going Paperless with SiteFORGE’s Document Management

May 8th, 2017|Document Management|

Organizations require a repository to store data and track all the information for maintaining the records and business history. As businesses are up against more challenges than ever in the past and one of the most impactful sources to compete and bounce back in the market is to constantly remain upgraded with the modern technology [...]