//Use Automation as a part of regular processes with SiteFORGE’s Business Process Automation!

Use Automation as a part of regular processes with SiteFORGE’s Business Process Automation!

Automation has moved from being a luxury to an obligation, with Forrester predicting that it can cut operating costs by up to 90%. So, with your costs down, automation allows the businesses with a budget to spend on innovation over maintenance. This is the reason why so many businesses are turning to what is known as business process automation, Automation is designed to let people produce more work to a higher standard with less effort. With automation, businesses will reduce the risk by giving repetitive tasks to a computer. This helps to make the output more predictable, reduce mistakes, and makes teams happier.

SiteFORGE’s Business Process Automation solution provides a defined way to eliminate manual, time-consuming and costly tasks within an organization and replace them with automated processes that work faster while reducing redundancy in tasks and overall operating costs. It transforms organizations into digital, data-driven businesses, and simplifies and streamlines processes with intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and direct access to valuable enterprise information—no matter where it resides.

Below are the key features provided by SiteFORGE’s Business Process Automation solution to optimize business processes:-

Speeds up process completion

Manually, there is a limit to how fast business processes can be completed. SiteFORGE helps in reducing this time considerably as it allows tasks to be completed all together and progress tasks through a pre-defined workflow. The solution uses process modeling to get rid of unnecessary tasks and optimize the flow of information. This allows organizations to streamline their daily operations, decreasing the overall time it takes to complete indispensable business processes.

Eliminates the risk of manual errors

It is expected that people will at some point make errors when working manually, particularly when the workload is extremely encumbered. A key benefit of SiteFORGE’s Business Process Automation solution is that it helps reduce human error by making checks and performing high-quality tasks regularly behind the scenes. This eventually means less time is spent having to resolve issues or settle customer complaints which also often have a financial impact on a business.

Reductions in workload

Businesses can experience productivity issues due to manually completing work which can take an unreasonably long time, particularly when it is complex. It makes sense to decrease the manual workload of employees to best utilize their skills and focus on their core competencies. SiteFORGE allows information to be gathered quickly from different systems and sources, which can be easily collaborated to automatically generate reports. Additionally, it lets the employees channel their focus on important issues within the business by implementing intelligent exception management alerting.

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October 4th, 2018|Workflow Management|

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