//Are you modernizing your Enterprise Mobility strategy for your field and sales teams?

Are you modernizing your Enterprise Mobility strategy for your field and sales teams?

We at SiteFORGE are delivering an agile Enterprise Mobility strategy!

In today’s world, mobile phones have become a necessity for every individual and it is a great means of remaining connected directly or indirectly over physical boundaries. The increased demand for access to various business applications and crucial information through mobile technologies has forced the business workforce to adopt mobile technologies at the workplace. That is why enterprise mobility solutions are being demanded by businesses all over the world owing to their special benefits that help not only in managing the flow of production but also in improving the level of quality in the least amount of time. Through a combination of processes, people and technology, enterprise mobility provides a perfect way to offer organizations a real edge and secure a niche in the competition in a convenient manner. Enterprise Mobility solutions help companies and employees in increasing efficiency and in enhancing their work. And, it also helps in:

  • Integrating solutions and technologies
  • Keeping employees connected and productive, cost-effectively
  • Improving employee efficiency and productivity
  • Effectively optimizing business operations

Enterprise mobility facilitates organizations to utilize their existing resources irrespective of the restrictions of geography, physical presence or other constraints.

Why Organizations need Enterprise Mobility Solution?

According to a recent report, it is a forecast that smartphones user base will grow approximately by 58% from 2016 to 2022.

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way companies do business. It allows employers to transform the way businesses are conducted in today’s economic sphere. Harnessing Enterprise Mobility solutions has helped businesses to instantly access organizational information through mobile applications from anywhere and anytime. Mobility maximizes process efficiencies and enables the organization to reduce operational cost as well as meet customer needs. By adopting this mobility strategy, employers can let their employees carry on their business work remotely similarly they would have worked when they’re in the office. A major advantage of this technology is effective time management. As employees can utilize enterprise mobility services to perform essential functions from remote locations, they can save a lot of time and thus, boost productivity.

Enterprise Mobility

Client relations can also be improved as a result of easier access to necessary data. The customers would not have to make incessant follow-ups to office sites to receive the full value of data gathering and analysis. By shifting to enterprise mobile services platforms, time spent on acquiring devices for temporary workers and third-party contractors can be eliminated. Instead, enterprise mobility powers a more feasible option: secure and controlled access to corporate resources.

SiteFORGE’s Enterprise Mobility transforms the way organizations do business!

 SiteFORGE provides an end-to-end enterprise mobility solution that helps organizations to bring agility in their businesses by enabling business applications for quick anytime, anywhere access through mobile devices while on-the-go. The solution is designed and tailored to meet the end-users expectations and optimize the field working conditions.

With SiteFORGE’s Enterprise Mobility solution, the process efficiencies are greatly improved and it enables organizations to meet customer needs and reduce operational costs. This way they get to seamlessly connect and fill the distances and gaps with effective communication and technology support using their mobile phones and make the business grow phenomenally. SiteFORGE helps organizations increase productivity for their business along with other benefits, as given below:

Enterprise Mobility

Real-time Information

Around 72% of businesses depend on mobile technology to capture real-time business-critical information on the field. SiteFORGE’s Enterprise Mobility solution empowers the field-force staff with accurate data at the point of activity to give higher quality service, and make better revenue enhancing business decisions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Over 53% of organizations are using mobility to enhance their customer experience. SiteFORGE’s Enterprise Mobility solution delivers the speed, accuracy and efficiency in customers demand – leading to better customer engagement, reliable and accurate product information, and new revenue streams.

Better Resource Utilization

With the help of SiteFORGE’s Enterprise Mobility, organizations can allow their employees to work from anywhere and anytime. Hence, most of the employees will be available to complete different projects and assignments, which helps businesses in earning revenue by utilizing their manpower or human resources without spending a lot of money on transportation.

Higher Revenue Generation

The faster and improved interactions lead to increased conversion of prospects into clients, which directly results in an increase in revenue for the organization. Moreover, SiteFORGE’s Enterprise Mobility solution also results in the reduction of operational costs, which translates to greater revenue.

Better Collaboration

There are always a number of employees working on the same projects. SiteFORGE makes updating the work progress easier for employees to stay updated. Moreover, it is easier to share data and quick information over mobile devices, especially while on-the-go.

Thus, SiteFORGE’s Enterprise Mobility solution is exactly what you need to empower your sales and field teams, and to boost business productivity. In doing so, the businesses could increase competitive advantage against those that lag behind on updating to mobility.

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