//With SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance organizations can improve process agility while meeting the regulatory requirements!

With SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance organizations can improve process agility while meeting the regulatory requirements!

Achieving compliance with current and future regulatory requirements is expensive, complex and time-consuming. The challenges are numerous: collecting data from disparate locations and integrating into internal processes; delivering comprehensive audit trails; ensuring the secure involvement of people in the process; monitoring, tracking and reporting compliance information on a timely basis; and managing legacy systems to adapt to frequent regulatory changes. To securely deliver compliance—especially when employees, partners, and customers work on multiple channels, including mobile—organizations must digitize their compliance process with SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance.

The solution enables organizations to better handle quality risks, ensure transparency across the supply chain, automate assignments to improve accountability, reduce compliance costs, and use real-time data to allow managers to make the best strategic decisions to improve operations and offset new risks. It establishes an automated workflow that reduces the time and cost associated with regulatory compliance efforts and, eliminated manual labor and maintenance of multiple excel spreadsheets. Additionally, SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance solution supports role-based security functions with centrally managed controls for access to regulatory content and, time-stamped audit trails for content access, changes and comments ensure adequate accountability and transparency.

Regulatory Compliance

SiteFORGE’s Regulatory Compliance Management solution administers reporting activities and controls risks associated with non-compliance across the enterprise with functionalities including:-


Provides a central secure repository for all compliance documents, data, schedules, and history that makes the organization audit-ready at all times.


Inbuilt analytics and dashboards give managers a detailed real-time view into compliance status, activities and performance metrics.


Offers a flexible solution that can be easily tailored to fit any need to help organizations consistently measure and document compliance.


Ready-to-use, industry-specific compliance solution developed using best practices is available for compliance with organizations and standards, and regional regulators.

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