//Optimize Resource Utilization and Drive Greater Profitability with SiteFORGE’s Resource Management!

Optimize Resource Utilization and Drive Greater Profitability with SiteFORGE’s Resource Management!

In today’s age when there is cut-throat competition, optimal allocation of resources is vital for the project-driven organizations that manage and execute a portfolio of projects. Whether the organization is responsible for managing small projects, or large strategic projects, managing global resources can be a real challenge and daunting task. In the past, resource planning efforts were highly manual and labor-intensive, involving collating numerous spreadsheets to produce reports. But now, automation takes over the project management industry and with it, the organizations can easily manage their projects as well as resources.

To manage globally located teams and resources effectively, organizations can choose SiteFORGE’s AI-enabled Resource Management Solution. The solution helps organizations to manage the capacity and deployment of people and assets for project work by finding and deploying the most qualified resources for the global projects. It centralizes information to empower projects, resources, and staffing managers to better utilize their resources. The net result is improved with customer and employee satisfaction, increased utilization, and higher project and enterprise profitability.

Here are some of the advantages businesses gain by implementing SiteFORGE’s Resource Management solution:

Resource Management

Maximize efficiency of teams

Effectively harnessing the power of people through streamlined resource management has the potential to save time, energy, and money. With accurate information about resource availability, organizations are able to accurately scope, prioritize, and track projects from start to finish. SiteFORGE’s Resource Management solution allows businesses to:
• See who is working on what
• Make real-time adjustments
• Know when projects are at risk
• Respond quickly to shifting priorities
• Take advantage of last-minute opportunities

Improves Team Morale

Did you know that most people spend just 39% of their day doing the job they were hired to do? When the team is constantly met with roadblocks and impossible workloads, their job satisfaction plummets and productivity goes down with it. That is why accurate planning and forecasting tools are so critical—no one ends up with too much work and everyone feels valued. SiteFORGE streamlines the management of teams and resources – it finds available team members and maximizes resource utilization.

Deliver Reports and Insights

With real-time visibility and refined processes, organizations can efficiently plan projects and use resources effectively and team members will have the reliable insights to efficiently use their time and skills. SiteFORGE provides resource calendar view that allows resources to not only manage tasks but allows managers insight into each person’s capacity. This adds up to gaining time to focus on getting the right work completed in the right amount of time by the right people, every single day.

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June 21st, 2018|Workforce Management|

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