//Set goals & produce accurate budgets with SiteFORGE’s Budget Management System

Set goals & produce accurate budgets with SiteFORGE’s Budget Management System

All businesses, no matter how small, can benefit from a well-thought-out budget. It can help to control spending, maximize organizational resources and head off cash flow problems before they have the potential to harm your business

The paradigm for budgeting has changed. Most companies manage their process with spreadsheets or through their own applications. But this is not accurate, budgets prepared this way are often inaccurate and lack consistency because of the number of iterations and the difficulties in managing them through multiple levels of oversight and approval. If your budgeting process is typically painful and resource intensive, maybe it is time to consider a new approach. SiteFORGE’s Budget Management streamlines the entire budgeting and planning process. By greatly simplifying the task of data collection, the feature dramatically shortens budget cycle time as well as improves accuracy and relevance of results. And does it all without the aggravation of spreadsheets.

The feature has an inbuilt intuitive EVM dashboard that facilitates organizations to easily analyze earned, planned and actual value based on the projects and business plans. It also automates the execution of invoices on the basis of billing cycle configuration and targeted audience. To cut a long story short, SiteFORGE’s Budget Management unifies budgets and plans using real-time data to future-proof your organization. Transform forward-looking processes from archaic to modern, manual to automated and error-prone to sure-fire with unified SiteFORGE’s Budget Management solution.

Here are some of the benefits organizations gain after implementing SiteFORGE’s Budget Management:-

Limitless Budgeting Flexibility

Provides a flexible structure that will help organizations to create a simple high-level small business budget or a detailed multi-department operating budget with consolidations.

Align Finance & Operations with Unified Planning

Centralizes the budget and aligns strategic, financial and operational planning in one place, so the cycle is completed faster and with a 360-degree view of your business.

Better Business Planning

Allows organizations to track overall business performance throughout the year, make necessary changes to reduce costs wherever needed and increase spending to take advantage of growth opportunities.

January 8th, 2018|Finance and Budgeting Managment|

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