//7 ways to deliver improved network performance through SiteFORGE’s Alarm Management!

7 ways to deliver improved network performance through SiteFORGE’s Alarm Management!

Don’t let faults deviate your service. Detect faults with active alarms on the affected network elements at an early stage and ensure smooth operations thereby improving asset performance with SiteFORGE’s Alarm Management

Analysing faults is a costly and complex process. In order to recognize faults at an early stage, SiteFORGE stores all asset information and provides visualization in real-time. With a transparent visibility of assets it becomes easy to detect faults and raise alarms. These alarms include information of both active and inactive alarms with their site status. SiteFORGE’s Alarm Management provides details of severity, prime category and alarm trends. User is also given the facility to manage occurrence of alarms by setting various parameters. The network administrator can now identify faults and determine assets performance through alarms and build a strategy for preventive maintenance.

Fault detection to raise alarms with SiteFORGE’s Alarm Management includes:

Alerts and Thresholds – Supports mechanism to set threshold value of a device and set alarm whenever a device or service goes down

Alarms history – Provides alarms information at a centralized location so administrator can view history associated with an alarm and can manage or delete alarms

Easy troubleshooting – Finding faults through alerts on the device makes it easier for the network administrator to diagnose and troubleshoot faults

Controlling actions on alarms – Administrator can easily track and control all alarms by performing various actions on them

Ticket management – Each time an alarm is raised, a ticket can be created and assigned to the team for quick resolution

Device management – Allows identifying the root cause of faults due to performance issue of the device and resolve network outages

Performance management –Improves performance of the device through effective alarm management

In short, SiteFORGE’s Alarm Management help organizations to boost customer experience, reduce operational cost, improve safety and reduces risk.

December 28th, 2017|Alarm Management|

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