//6 key features of SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management solution that safeguard continuous site operations

6 key features of SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management solution that safeguard continuous site operations

Is your work order scheduling and management haywire despite using the latest technologies? Switch to best-in-class Work Order Management solution by SiteFORGE

Managing a network, site or facility can be challenging if the workload is not organized and assigned in a proper fashion. Work order management systems enable site and facility managers to keep track of vital operational and workload information. However, most organizations suffer losses in revenue due to mismanagement of work orders. SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management solution facilitates managers to effectively track and manage all work order information through a single dashboard. This includes creating work orders, updating requests, and tracking work completion across multiple network sites and throughout the enterprise. It overcomes the limitations of paper-based work order management procedures and delivers a future-proof solution that helps to improve productivity and revenue.

SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management solution streamlines repairs and preventive maintenance through work orders created by location managers and centralized site managers, allowing them to place service requests, monitor real-time status updates, and leave feedback on work performed. It is a well-designed, intuitive and comprehensive system, which allows all users to effectively manage work order flow and distribution. The work orders can be viewed, assigned and shared with all the field workers, no matter where they are located. Here are 6 key features of SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management solution that safeguard continuous site operations –

Work request management

The solution helps to manage, organize and prioritize work requests and material requests. The managers can easily assign work orders to the staff, departments and external vendors.

Task monitoring

It enables users to track the progress of the tasks, whether they are in progress, waiting for approval or completed, which helps to build transparency.

Unified view of work orders

SiteFORGE’s Work Order Management allows users to access a unified view of work orders from start to completion. This provides a clear picture of operations to the site and facility managers.

Efficient ticketing system

The system allows users to create and generate tickets against any work order or task if any issue arises, add comments, and attach images with respect to the issue.

End-to-end mobility

Work orders can be managed through the web as well as mobile allowing users with ease of real-time data access to perform functions throughout the facility to respond to requests promptly and efficiently.

Interactive dashboard

With the help of a single dashboard, the user can easily view the status of work orders, add comments, and modify, filter and export work orders. The user can easily create, release, close and complete work orders with automatic scheduling for efficient and scalable production control.

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