//8 key functionalities of SiteFORGE’s Finance and Budgeting solution

8 key functionalities of SiteFORGE’s Finance and Budgeting solution

Is your financial management and budgeting getting out of control? Automate, monitor and control your financial processes with SiteFORGE’s Finance and Budgeting solution.

According to a recent survey conducted by a leading finance association, 38% of financial managers say that 11 to 20% of projects suffer budget overruns. Another report says, 84% of organizations find it difficult to control the quality of financial data and other supporting information. While spreadsheets are low-cost and easy to use, a comprehensive finance and budgeting solution is indispensable for an enterprise to effectively utilize financial data and for efficient budgeting. It reduces the time that staff spends on building finance reports and budgets for business plans, projects, strategic investments, site installations, network operations and campaigns.

SiteFORGE’s Finance and Budgeting solution offers powerful financial analytics in the hands of businesses, resulting in more timely and efficient decision-making. According to a benchmarking survey in the Association for Financial Professionals’ (FP&A), 56% of the respondents said that access to integrated, internal and external data and real-time analytics is a key competitive differentiator. SiteFORGE’s solution tremendously reduces the pain of gathering financial data from multiple sources, processes and reconciles data, creates and checks formulae, updates charts, graphs, dashboards, and reports.

It automates important financial and operational processes, making companies more profitable and reducing their risks.  Business leaders, network planning managers, project and site managers can gain valuable insights into the financial performance of their division. Thus, organizations can move beyond the chaos and complexity of spreadsheet-based processes to more effectively plan and track financial performance. Here are the major functionalities of SiteFORGE’s Finance and Budgeting solution that help to automate, monitor and control your financial processes –

  • Workforce Costing – Defines and modifies workforce information based on workforce code and workgroup for project costing
  • Financial Planning – Allows users to create business plan with costing and remarks to improve profits and reduce costs
  • Customizable Configurations – Allows users to set up categories and subcategories by adding and editing configurations and licensing services for budgeting
  • Budget Templates – Proper management of budget templates and associate the templates to multiple projects
  • Intuitive Dashboard – Analyzes earned, planned and actual value based on the project and business plan using EVM dashboard
  • Billing Plan – Automated execution of invoices on the basis of billing cycle configuration and targeted audience
  • Financial Reporting – Helps to slice and dice your management and financial data, or drill down into details with self-service reporting
  • Budgeting and Forecasting – Separate budgeting and forecasting for each project and tracking it against actual income and expenses
December 16th, 2017|Finance and Budgeting Managment|

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