//Accelerating digital transformation by mobilizing and automating business process across all channels

Accelerating digital transformation by mobilizing and automating business process across all channels

Mobility solution is a key to strengthen end-to-end business operations through real-time and value-added information in a rapidly changing environment. The framework provides business units with the necessary components for the development of market-driven solutions in a standardized fashion.

SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility is a powerful, agile, and secure solution that accelerates digital transformation by integrating, mobilizing, and automating business process across all channels. By driving the real-time business information on the device, users are facilitated with the decision-making capabilities anytime, anywhere.

Increased Productivity

As it connects the employees beyond the time factor, it gives the flexibility to them and in turn boosts their productivity. Following are the few benefits that transform enterprise mobility with unprecedented rewards such as:

Provides Scalability

Whether the field engineers are working in one or multiple locations, mobility platform enables scalability whenever required, to dynamically fit the organizational changes.  It records and delivers the results faster across multiple channels.

Improves Agility

Conveying all complex industrial information across all channels to bring efficiency throughout the entire process, supporting innovation. It enables secure access to real-time business information and monitors day-to-day functions anywhere, anytime further improving the agility of the business.

Data Accuracy

The ability to access relevant data at any point and share a device screen easily with a customer or colleague can instantly enhance the customer service experience or provide easy knowledge transfer and learning opportunities.

Provides Flexibility

Platform managing various tasks and issues ensuring field operations data is integrated with the system without any loss or errors. It is flexible to adapt the ever-changing mobile landscape and versatile to provide the foundation of mobility.

Thus, SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility framework helps organizations prescribe guidelines for app design, development, testing, usability, and security. It enhances the efficiency of the business, reduces time to market and increases reliability as well as quality.

November 21st, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

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