//4 ways how SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework can transforms businesses

4 ways how SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework can transforms businesses

Mobility combined with cloud computing is changing businesses – to make it more accessible, more relevant, and intuitive. But to reap the benefits, companies must rethink their business process strategies and move away from the old paradigms. SiteFORGE’s end-to-end enterprise mobility solution addresses the critical enterprise challenges and requirements. Mobility continues to have a profound impact on the enterprises; moreover, smartphones and tablets have become part of the corporate ecosystem. Today’s workforce is demanding flexibility to choose to work their own way including choices ranging from which devices they carry to the platform they want to use on their desktop or laptop. Hence, SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework gives insights of real-time information of the enterprises on multiple devices, which facilitates in agility of businesses by enabling data access and data integrity. Following are the 4-ways illustrating SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility framework’s impact on the business processes:

  • Tip 1 # Connecting phones, tablets and Internet of Things:

Mobility and the “Internet of Things” require a company to modify its network-connectivity models as well as prepare for a massive increase in real-time information. Firms should look for new or updated solutions that will wirelessly connect millions of diverse devices to a network.

  • Tip 2 # Delivering results faster, across multiple channels

New operating systems and mobile devices will force companies to change how applications and business processes are designed, field engineers work at multiple places and storing data is difficult. SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility framework enables scalability whenever required, to dynamically fit to the organizational changes. It records and delivers the results faster across multiple channels.

  • Tip 3 # Creating Portable Services

Mobility will take on a new meaning because not only will devices become portable but will also have access and connectivity. Instead of business services being locked to the device or to the business location, employees will be able to authenticate to corporate services on any device from anywhere.

  • Tip 4 # Increasing business profitability

SiteFORGE’s NOW Mobility Framework provides a streamlined flow of data from field through mobile devices directly to integrated systems enhancing efficiency and increasing the profitability.

September 25th, 2017|NOW Mobility Framework|

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