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How can Project Management help your business?

It is challenging for businesses to organize and prioritize various features and management activities involved in projects. SiteFORGE offers a Project Management facility, which helps the Project Manager to view all important points and take decision wisely. They will get real-time insights of the project and will be able to estimate the project delivery.

The main aim of the SiteFORGE Project Management is to allows the users to prioritize the activities in a project, track them in real-time, and estimate delivery in minimal time and cost. It will help the user to manage the projects of any size by making sure they are applying the best practices.


• Predefined Templates – Create a project using predefined templates is effortless and time-saving
• Tasks and Milestones visibility – Manage 150+ tasks efficiently for rolling-out new site
• Manage Task allocations – Schedule a user daily or weekly diary
• Track Projects – Monitor the progress of projects, steps, work order, and tasks
• Email and SMS notifications – Get notifications on milestones, task completion, billing and reporting

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