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Significant Features of SiteFORGE’s Site management

The Site management module of SiteFORGE provides the users with advanced features that help them to effectively manage the key site operational functions. Using the principles of workflow orchestration and bringing innovation through automation intelligence, SiteFORGE deals with the challenges involved in the site management process in a unique fashion. Following are the significant features available in the Site management module of SiteFORGE –

  • GIS-mapping of sites to easily capture site information
  • Integrated map display helps in making quick business decisions
  • Advanced filtering tools enable effective site management
  • Unified view of site information and its on-going activities
  • Centralized collective repository for document management
  • View information related to projects on a site
  • Import site information using planning tool interface or csv import
April 17th, 2017|Site Management, SiteFORGE|

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