/, SiteFORGE/Site Audit helps in building an efficient network infrastructure!

Site Audit helps in building an efficient network infrastructure!

Enterprises have to deal with many challenges so as to provide network requirements with limited resources that results in poor connectivity issues in some areas, interference of neighboring co-channels causing network intrusion, malfunctioning of equipment’s and the site fails to meet the regulatory standards of the government.

The importance of Site Audit by SiteFORGE – 

Site Audit provides opportunities to explore security considerations, identifying equipment errors, and areas that require improvements. It gives assurance that the governance and risk management processes are working efficiently. Site Audit is a detailed assessment of the site which is carried out to check the performance of the networking assets and to gain insights, if improvement is required.

The important calculations made during the inspection are used for the improvement of the network. The audit is supported by the detailed report and photographs. SiteFORGE’s Site Audit allows the client to build a compliant site that conforms with all regulatory requirements.

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